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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  December 31, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good to be with you and happy new year's eve. i've frances rivera in new york. alex witt is off today. it is high noon in the east. 9:00 a.m. out west. here's what's happening. reports of protesters killed after days of anti-government rallies in iran. new reaction from the white house coming up. tipping point -- fresh intrigue on what might have prompted the meddling investigation and a key trump adviser's role. did it begin in a london bar? >> russians clearly saw him as a way into the trump campaign. some of the e-mails we've been
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able to see are remackable. >> ticket prices on the rise for president trump's new year's eve bash. reaction to a report on how partygoers get close access to the president. it is 2018 somewhere. out with the old and in with the new. happening in spectacular fashion around the globe. the clock ticks down to new york city, a look at times square where the ball will drop on what could be the coldest new year's eve on record. we'll have a live report ahead. now to breaking news at this hour. a deadly police shooting outside denver. the douglas county sheriff's office says one deputy was killed and four others shot in a domestic disturbance. two civilians were also shot and taken to local hospitals. officials say the suspect was shot and is believed to be dead. joining us now is msnbc law enforcement analyst, a former hostage negotiator for the atf.
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jim, thanks for your time as details are just coming in. what kind of circumstances could you imagine was the scenario that would end up with five deputies shot, one killed? >> it looks like an ambush to me, frances. domestic disturbance, a routine call. i responded to many as a uniformed deputy myself. officers are doing it all over the country. you have to respond. you have a marked car in a uniform. if this was a domestic call the person -- sometimes you get a false call. officers come and then you're ambushed, or it could have been a domestic, they came and were ambushed. >> when you think about that, it escalates into something like this it makes you think for the
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person involved, the people involved, how well planned was it, what thought went into it. was this an act of passion that escalated. all those questions come into play. you're right. ambushing the police is very different. that would be tied more to the domestic situation if that's true. as the police respond, the person is already in this violent frenzy with a rifle. this sounds like and looks like a rifle attack. it's very hard for officers to defeat these because they have to respond when people need help. tactics change in douglas county. our hearts go out for this loss but we always constantly have to re-invent our tactics in law enforcement and sometimes in this age of more ambushes, law
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enforcement has to rethink and they'll be doing that going forward. >> the first call in and first responders. we want to ask you about it on the other side. >> units respond iing. >> contacting littleton hospital. >> we're hearing from the first responders. that area and shots from the scene, a commercial area this is a parking lot. you may think it's somebody's home. it is a sunday right before a holiday. but this appears to be in what looks like a strip mall at least a large parking lot. >> it looks like a town home complex where the deputies initially responded to when you
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pull out. that's a command post just off there, the s.w.a.t. team where they gather. they're going to be gathered there. they're not in the line of fire. we don't know if tactical officers were to take the shooter out or if the shooter committed suicide. >> a lot of questions still out there as we piece this teogethe. thank you for the perspective. now turning to politics, a new reaction to "the new york times" report on how a foreign policy adviser, the trump campaign, a coffee boy may be the reason of the investigation into russia and trump associates. he allegedly told an australian diplomat russia had political dirt in the form of e-mails on
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hillary clinton. here is lindsey graham earlier today. >> i want somebody to look at how the department of justice handled the dossier. as to the russia investigation, i don't think it hurts our country to look at what russia did in our election. as a matter of fact, it would hurt it if we ignored it. it will be up to mr. muller to make that decision. the president needs to focus on his day job. i need to focus on being a senator. mr. mueller is the right guy at the right time. >> following the president in west palm beach, florida, garrett, new reaction to the russia probe from a former trump aide. before that any sense the white house is concerned with this "new york times" report now? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. there's been no additional official reaction from the white house beyond the broad no comment yesterday from the president's attorney, but
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yesterday evening the present sent out a tweet that lacked any context and talked about using social media to push back against fake news, fake sources, fake reporting done by the news media. it's hard to not look at that as a response to this given this was the major story about the president that was out in the press yesterday. as to that former aide, we heard from the very briefly tenured former communications director at the white house responding to some of the story this morning. let's take a listen and talk about that on the other side. >> when you really uncover the data and information you'll find the president was nowhere near the russians as it related to the campaign, the election, or anything thereof. i'm not worried about it. i don't think he's worried about it. i think he's frustrated about it. i think he doesn't like the scandals incorporated that goes on in washington where we find the scanned du jour to try to distract our political opponents from their agendas.
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>> reporter: that's pretty standard pushback from allies on this. i think about the former campaign manager for president trump saying maybe there were shady people involved. if there were, they should go to jail. but none of this touched the president. we'll see if his take on this is correct or not. >> thank you very much for the update. of course we'll delve into that "new york times" report more on what led to the fbi to launch an investigation in the 2016 u.s. election. "the times" reports it did not start with the russian dossier as many including this tweet from president trump have suggested. >> this is something my colleagues and i have been working on for a long time. george papadopolous has been a target since this fall showing he was cooperating with
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mueller's investigators. we were pretty transparent about who we're talking to. direct knowledge of the australians' role in this and the question of whether or not the steele dossier, this former british spy who was hired through a lawyer to collect information on president trump. the steele dossier may have been the trigger. that's been pretty clearly not the case for a long time and we saw john brennan testify that he was seeing intelligence russians were trying to subborn members of the trump campaign. that was something he was concerned about. one of the triggering events was
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having a little too much to drink and letting slip one detail too many. >> he is cooperating witness in the bob mueller investigation. a contributor to forbes, the daily beast and "the new york times." welcome. one of the three reporters there who broke this story. what does it do for the gop argument about the steele dossier? does it kill it there or can it be resuscitated at all? >> the argument has always been fundamentally a political argument. it can be more damaging, what other evidence is uncovered. and so they're trying to make an argument that the investigation is fundamentally politically motivated and was driven by
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democratic opposition research. given the investigation has produced multiple indictments, i think that it is ludicrous to say the investigation is based on nothing. they will bring people to trial for crimes. i don't think people will be moved by the fact that the trump campaign was noisy and messy in its activities including this official foreign policy adviser of the then candidate blabbing about what he was hearing from the russians. >> there's a timing factor. i want to play another part of my interview with matt. >> the russians clearly saw him as a way into the trump campaign. some e-mails are remarkable where people are saying russian intermediaries saying i want to become a campaign surrogate, quietly go out and write op-eds
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or speak without acknowledging my role. >> even after that june 2016 meeting, the initial night at the bar, was it may of 2016. how significant is the revelation then? >> it is undeniable he was more than an unimportant part of the campaign and a coffee boy. there are a lot more questions that need to be answered. what i can't stop thinking about is how is this america look on the international stage, decades of state department programs around the world for good governance, democracy, election monitoring. as america, this entire russia investigation, is making america look like not only a superpower in decline but not as involved
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globally on the international stage. every time the president and his cronies want to distract we have more and more worrying developments. what does it do about how long it lasts? your thoughts on the time line and where we go from here with mueller. other people say they're confident the investigation is not only going to exonerate the president but will wrap up soon. now they're saying only a little bit into next year. he's brought a number of indictments. if the indictments are that's who he indicted because that's
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how he was able to find, in theory you could have the investigation wrap up quickly. assuming it's useful in some way, he's using that, you can expect the investigation to continue. this is usually the pattern with the special counsel investigations. mueller's mandate is to look into matters that arise from his investigation into that. who knows what avenues this could go down. i find it hard to believe the white house has any good reason to believe this is about to wrap up. >> and then the president slamming the fbi. do you think this further helps the president and putting that in perspective? >> i think the smartest thing the gop and this president can do, god help us and them, is let mueller do his job. stop trying to discredit the
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special counsel. stop trying to interfere in mueller's investigation. if you have nothing to hide, let this man do his job and let us get the facts. clearly we're still searching for them. we still don't have answers. >> let's look ahead. >> this meeting is expected to happen friday. i want to play an exchange from this morning. >> the president created this fire. he unwound -- >> that's not true. >> you have an opportunity -- >> it's because president obama actually did daca, he did the deferral. >> he unwound the daca. >> the good thing is nobody is talking about deporting a million kids. >> they are. >> they are. >> nobody who is reasonable. nobody who is reasonable.
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>> josh, i know you're watching. you have political reporting will meet with a top white house official. the president won't be there. what can we expect based on what you've heard so far? >> the white house is setting up demands that they are unwilling to agree to in exchange for codification of daca. he said that he was going to do it and he said the program is illegal so not just that he thought it was a bad idea but he claimed he didn't even have the legal authority to extend these protections to this set of unauthorized immigrants in the united states. and yet the program is continuing and he has floated the possibility that if no deal is reached by march when the six-month period he set out expires that he could extend the program again. so i think that reduces his negotiating leverage. i think democrats are skeptical
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he will allow the program to expire. i think if he does that would be a big political problem. it is unpopular the idea of deporting these people. so i think he doesn't have as much leverage as he thinks he has. democrats would be unwilling to give him much for a deal. >> speaking to that, interesting to see what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer's take will be coming out of that meeting on wednesday. anushay, this fight with the republicans who said from the beginning that they're interested in protecting d.r.e.a.m.ers with this, too. >> donald trump's lack of interest and the history of immigration in this country and the fact u.s. foreign policy historically has always focused on keeping families together. he has his rhetoric in one place and actions in another place. and i think after the tax deal it will be hard to work with democrats. the president still doesn't
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understand that his actions have consequences. >> certainly a lot to watch on wednesday. we'll see what comes out of that. thank you. >> south korea says hello to 2018. look at this amazing show that lit up korea's tallest building and the skyline just this morning. dubai will be one of the next major cities to ring in the new year around 3:00 eastern time. here in new york city millions will brave the cold to watch the ball drop. making sure the ball is ready to go. luckily there were no problems. let's check in with anne thompson who is in times square. what type of police presence are we seeing there? >> reporter: well, frances, take a look behind me. they just started opening where people will stand for hours, 12 hours, before this ball comes down. and you can see the types of security people are having to go
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through, being wanded as they go through. they have to open their bags. they are being checked to make sure they're not bringing anything that could endanger anyone else into this area. and it's been fascinating to watch the things people bring in to try to endure this bitter cold for 12 hours. i've seen people with yoga mats and sleeping bags. everybody has brought some kind of food, hand warmers, toe warmers, body warmers are all part of it. but these pens have helped keep times square orderly in the past and police are hoping they'll do it again. we've seen things we're used to seeing, concrete barriers. there are sanitation truck that is are filled with sand. there are blocker vehicles. all of that to prevent somebody from driving a car down here and doing -- hurting the people who are waiting here. you'll remember in lower manhattan on halloween afternoon there was a man who drove a car
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and killed eight people. that they are preventing from happening here. police have stopped all vehicle traffic in a 20-block radius of times square because they want to make sure this is safe. if you're coming down here you're going to get wanded. your bags will be searched. it's all in an effort to keep everyone safe here. frances? >> everybody will be jam packed but warm in doing so. anne thompson, thank you. he golfs when he could be reading or be in church or be with his family. never see him with barron. and that's just the start of a tough tweet aimed at president trump. the congressman behind it is not holding back.
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we're actually closer, in my view, to a nuclear war with north korea and in that region than we've ever been. i just don't see how -- i don't see the opportunities to solve this diplomatically at this at this point point. >> former joint chief chairman admiral mike mullen with a bleak assessment of president trump's approach to north korea. i want to bring in my next guest who made a similar point in a tweet a couple hours ago saying this. he golfs when he could be reading or in church or with his family. never see him with barron. you'd think he'd be golfing with
9:25 am
dad occasionally but narcissists only engage in activities where they are the show. no movies, sports viewing either, just fox where he will start a war. congressman, i want to ask you about this. number one, did you tweet it and do you see war here in the near future? >> i tweeted it because i read sam stein's tweet where he showed the hypocrisy of republicans who condemned obama who doesn't golf as near as trump and certainly not at the expense of the united states taxpayer taking everyone down to his golf courses advertising and promoting the name. donald trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> congressman, let me ask you this -- go ahead. go ahead. >> i was going to say a narcissistic sociopath doesn't change. it endangers the country and war like wag the dog is something he could get into to improve the ratings for the '18 elections
9:26 am
where they are in desperate shape. they'll do anything to improve ratings. >> couldn't you have brought that up without bringing up faith, barron, the child of a president? >> i think you have to show -- and i hope i can show -- what type of person he is. he's never with his son. i think one of his ex-wives wrote he never was with his children until they were adults. this is an unusual human being. barron looks like he spends no quality time at all with his father. he claims he has the christian evangelical support which is amazing because he doesn't go to church. >> how do you know about his relationship when it comes to religion or his faith or when it comes to his son? who are you to judge? what kind of position are you in to even bring it up? >> the only time i've of seen him go to church was on christmas day he went to a church in palm beach. on sundays he's playing golf.
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>> you don't think it's off limits to bring up barron and his faith? >> his faith is because he doesn't go to church. he doesn't tithe. release tax returns and show it. i don't think he does and he doesn't act in a religious way. >> it's okay to bring up barron? >> you saw barack with his children all the time. >> let's move on, sir, because there's a lot here that we want to cover when it comes to north korea and reporting the president seems most interested in discussing military options on north korea and his rhetoric makes white house advisers nervous here. is it fair to say this situation should have and could have been settled by prior administrations? >> well, they possibly could have. north korea is a difficult administration to deal with. kim jong-un is about as crazy as
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some other foreign leaders we have. our domestic leaders, in fact. i don't think that because the other previous presidents didn't solve the problem doesn't mean it can't be solved diplomatically now and it needs to be. >> all right. also making the headlines here, the report on how the russia investigation got started with george papadopoulos there, out at a london bar drinking. your takeaway from that. >> i think there's no question the russians were involved in our elections. they did result in the election of president trump. trump has backed off from his original proposal that said we have nothing to do with russia. now it's there's no collusion. there's a big difference between nothing to do with and collusion. collusion you have to show a certain interaction by trump. i think the trump family has shown it with their meetings. they were eager at having things on hillary clinton. it's clear and our intelligence
9:29 am
officials say the russians hacked the information. it's clear it went through julian assange and wikileaks. i think the president's moved the ball down the field. he's moving it down the field to where at the last minute he'll get an official to call a foul on robert mueller. he will no longer have been treated fairly. he'll fire robert mueller. >> let's take the ball down there if that's the case. the ball goes down there and robert mueller is fired here from this investigation, any plan in place from the democrats if that happens? >> well, all i've heard is the activists would take the streets and they will and they'll prote protest. that's one thing. we need to have a stronger response. i'm not sure what it could be. civil disobedience might be part of what it involves. john lewis, one of my mentors and gurus, i said what should we do? he said if john lewis takes to
9:30 am
the streets i'll be there with him. >> i couldn't help but notice one of your tweets here. you said i'm fighting upstream. i'm proud to stand with my colleagues to introduce articles of impeachment. that along with politico's report over the impeachment debate in the party, that happens and the party manages to retake the party, do you see the risk there if there is no bipartisan approval? >> i think there will be. republicans are resisting it because they don't want to lose power or the trump. they'll be happy to lose trump. trump is a vehicle for them just as he's a vehicle for the religious right. the evangelical christians know he's not an evangelical christian or a follower of jesus. he doesn't believe into do unto others what you would have them do unto you. he has none of that stuff. he is all about himself. >> you've been on our air on
9:31 am
msnbc talking about at least one republican being onboard as far as impeachment. any more that could be added to that? >> i don't think so. one gentleman couldn't add himself publicly but thought about it. there are a few others who thought about it. a lot of them have drunk the kool-aid. they got a package and passed it around there in the caucus room and did seconds, i think. >> congressman steve cohen, i thank you for being with us and your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, frances. i love seeing you on the "today" show. the price tag just went up for a chance to ring in the new year. the president's florida club. the ethics questions this raises is next. for your heart...
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welcome back. i'm frances rivera. a deadly police shooting in colorado in littleton outside of denver. one deputy killed and four others shot while responding to a domestic disturbance. the s.w.a.t. team and a hostage negotiator were at the scene following that initial shooting
9:36 am
where two civilians were also hit. right now looking live at a picture where fellow police officers are going to lead a procession for the slain officer from the hospital. now the countdown to 2018 is on. mar-a-lago is gearing up for its lavish event. the security will be tighter. the crowds will probably be bigger. and the tickets will run $750 a guest. a hike from last year. the report says there's a vip area being built on top of the stage. i want to bring in contributor howard dean, former governor of vermont and republican strategist. to both of you, welcome. thank you for your time. howard, you have the whole mar-a-lago, amid club members there. does that access concern you or do you think it poses an optics problem for the president, or, hey, just a matter of
9:37 am
consequence? >> there's two issues here. one is shared by both parties. their access does concern me. both parties do it. the money goes to campaigns. the problem for trump, this money is going into his pocket. these people are paying $750. it's going into the mar-a-lago which he owns and, therefore, benefits from it. this is direct not just disguised as campaign contributions which everybody does which is sick as it is. we ought to get rid of and change the financing of campaigns, this is a direct payment to donald trump. >> let's break that down as far as, you know, what's in that amount of money as far as getting you in the door. some critics are pointing to the hike in the prices. you have the jump in the initiation fees, the president's frequent trips there as a potential ethics violation. given the president maintains ownership of mar-a-lago, should the white house be more concerned about it?
9:38 am
>> well, whether or not they should be or not, they're not going to be. this is something donald trump will not stop doing and next year we may hear again the prices doubled. people pretty much who support donald trump don't care about it and people who don't like donald trump just don't like him even more as a result of it. but there is something about having this type of access to the president. when he is at mar-a-lago, he goes around to tables. people use it as a way to get to him. we know people from foreign governments have recently bought memberships. to the governor's point about campaign contributions and accessibility, this does allow a different way to get into the administration to see donald trump. so the accessibility of donald trump and those seeking to get it is concerning and that's why i think they have to release the membership and who is at a certain event. >> neither of you are going tonight, you have other plans,
9:39 am
maybe a netflix night. susan, just days ago we were talking about mar-a-lago and to the point you were speaking about access there, "the washington post" came out with more details about the interview saying not a single aide or adviser was present at the table, not a single aide or adviser knew about it in advance. so when it comes to that and having the access, how problematic is that for the white house? >> that's just a communications worst nightmare having your principal sit down with a "new york times" reporter without a time limit interview. and that is again -- i will say the one plus of this president is the amount of transparency that is shown with his availability for these interviews, he is pretty much saying what's on his mind in
9:40 am
real time, and it's not necessarily a well thought out strategic delivery system. but, again, internally it does show the lack of discipline and the lack of staff to control these types of events. >> let's talk about the buffet line because in the same report here that describes another seen at mar-a-lago, it says this on christmas eve. trump actually walked to the buffet and made his own plate, providing guests with yet another opportunity to interact with the president. so, howard, isn't there an argument this is a good thing, the president is so approachable, he's up there getting some bread and salad from the buffet line, and it's a good thing. is it? >> these people are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into donald trump's pocket, into donald trump's pocket. i mean, for what minimal
9:41 am
campaign finance laws we have left after citizens united, which is a disaster anyway, now trump just openly opens his hand and takes the money. that's what you're paying for. it's a disgrace. it's awful this is corruption. >> about the access when you talk about the buffet lines and such. we saw a bizarre tweet from the president a few days ago about how amazon had a post office, should charge more. it was this bizarre kind of tweet. i can only think that happens when he's in that environment of mar-a-lago and having lots of people get into his head and make these suggestions he randomly tweets about. that again is very disruptive. >> a slight disagreement. i think he did that on purpose because he has it in for jeff bezos. i'm serious. we know he's a nut.
9:42 am
>> and amazon's stock went down after that tweet. a headline as far as "the new york times" and the trump campaign, papadopoulos and his role in the fbi's investigation into russia. some of the right have been pushing the narrative the steele dossier was behind all of this. is this going to be the end of that? is that dead or any resuscitation to that? >> we'll see lots of different things pop in and out. the narrative is that bob mueller is doing this investigation. he's going to continue to take this investigation wherever it goes. we now know that you can't use this is some witch-hunt, this is a result of a staff person speaking inappropriately that the government notified our fbi which is something, by the way, the trump campaign should have been when it was notified by russians, notified the fbi that these things were said, that
9:43 am
there was a campaign staffer making contacts with russian diplomats or folks connected to the government. so it does knock out one line. we know that this investigation may have started with a type of collusion. when we see what's happened with jared kushner, when we see four indictments, this investigation, there will be several different paths we see this investigation go down. >> and, howard, your thoughts on it and the dossier. talk about when it comes to that narrati narrative. >> here is the thing about the dossier, it's disgusting and it probably is true, i've finally come to the conclusion because the investigator has more credibility than the president does. but it's not illegal for the most part. the stuff that will hang donald trump is not what is in the dossier. it may turn people off or not. what will make him troubled as susan points out the financing of the jared kushner, the money
9:44 am
laundering most likely going on. it turns out there probably has been collusion to influence the election. those are crimes and high crimes and misdemeanors and that is a big problem. >> we will see down the road in 2018. to both of you, thank you. >> thank you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> happy new year all. >> cheers to that. and speaking of, how about drinks and political dirt about hillary clinton. we'll delve more into that. insight how the russia probe began with a campaign foreign policy adviser.
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more reaction now to "the new york times" report on how the fbi's russia investigation started. my next guest tweeted timing of the story is interesting coming four days after trump's dossier tweets which also impugned the fbi. the fbi largely tweeted the trump campaign and subsequently the trump presidency with kid gloves. this may indicate the gloves are coming off. msnbc national security analyst, ned, thank you for your time this morning as we talk about that on the kid gloves, the president doesn't feel he's been treated kindly by the fbi. what would this have looked like if he didn't get kid gloves? >> well, frances, let me remind you for much of 2016 the american people were under the distinct impression the fbi was investigating one of the two major party nominees. we knew all along that an
9:49 am
investigation grew out of the benghazi probe into hillary clinton. director comey in july of 2016 then famously went out and detailed the case the fbi laid out ultimately exonerating her but doing political damage in the process. but then just a few months laettner october sending a public letter, a letter made public, i should say, essentially saying the case had been reopened. all of that time we knew that there was this ongoing investigation into the clinton matter. what we did not know until 2017 was that the fbi also had an investigation into the trump campaign. we learned that only early this year when that same director comey went before congress and made that very clear. we did not know that before the election. it did not leak but as i think you remember, frances, there were leaks aplenty when it came to the clinton probe, something that continually haunted the clinton campaign. and so when i say the fbi has
9:50 am
treated the trump campaign with kid gloves they have been differential and in many cases duly so. this could suggest this is starting to change. >> and with that the fbi has been taking the hits for the president. we've heard about the tweets and the texts in the gop, and an effort to discredit the russia investigation. how likely is it that a federal agent would want to fire back? >> it's not all that unlikely. look, leaks can never be condoned, but at the same time, there's also some human nature involved in this. when the president is continually lambasting your institution, your department, your agency, there's going to be the inclination to punch back. and especially when against a president whose mantra is when they hit you, you hit back ten times harder. so i'm not sure where this report came from. "the new york times," as i recall, details that four sources both current and former and both american and foreign, provided input into this report. i don't know for certain that it
9:51 am
came from the fbi. but the timing to me certainly is interesting. it did come about four days after the president's alleged that the dossier, falsely alleged, i should say, that the dossier spawned this investigation when we now know otherwise. this, to me, certainly looks like it could be the fbi trying to correct the record here. >> interesting also when it comes to the role of george papadopoulos here. what your sense when you're reading this, and i'm curious to see if you're surprised by this and stemming back from not the dossier but a night out of drinking here, and his acts here. did they strike you more as machiavellian or someone who is really an opportunist? >> well, look, you know the trump camp has tried to portray george papadopoulos as nothing more than a coffee boy. what we have learned about george papadopoulos is he was one of a small number of foreign policy advisers on what was a rather small foreign policy advisory team that the trump campaign had put together. he was seated at the table with
9:52 am
jeff sessions, who headed trump's foreign policy and national security advisory team. he provided input into all sorts of decisions. he claims to have been key in arranging a meeting between then-candidate trump and then the president of egypt. so he seems to play a role that is certainly outsized and not what one would expect of a coffee boy. but what's also interesting to me is the fact that one night drinking, he spills the beans about this russian operation to an australian diplomat. i think it is very difficult to believe that he also did not share these same details with others in the trump campaign. and if he did, it raises the question as to why these campaign officials did not approach the fbi. we know they did not approach the fbi. instead, we know that a foreign government actually did what these americans should have done in alerting the fbi to what george papadopoulos said. >> curious to see if it went up
9:53 am
the chain. ned price, appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. happy new year. >> celebrations are already taking place around the world to celebrate the new year. up next, a look at what lies in store for most of the country, and revelers brave enough to stay in the bitter cold in new york's times square and elsewhere. we'll bring you the forecast next. ) my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house". (mom) and it just immediately brought something positive in our life. "oh, i gotta get up get matthew on his treatment." (matthew) it's not that bad, though. (mom) yeah. (matthew) the good thing about the surgeries is i get to have a popsicle at the end. (mom) he makes the best of everything and he teaches us to be strong and brave, too. (vo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped grant the wishes of fifteen hundred kids so far. get zero percent financing for 63 months on select models, plus we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity.
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we're just hours away from what could be the coldest new year's eve on the record. details in just minutes. >> plus a look at residents in erie, pennsylvania, after being hit with about seven feet of snow since last sunday. all that after the break. and also at the top of the hour, congressman ted lieu on the judiciary committee. his takeaway from the new report on george papadopoulos. all that next.
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